(Business Presentations)
Once upon a time (this time it was a Thursday) there was a little duck who
desperately wanted to get into show business.
Unfortunately, after spending many years learning to juggle while riding a unicycle, he discovered that vaudeville was dead. Then a singing career went nowhere.
So the little duck found himself one Thursday morning at the door of the Boffo Talent Agency where, after several hours’ wait, he finally got a chance to speak with an assistant to Irving Boffo.
The Boffo Agency provided talent to corporations, mostly for “dog and pony shows.” Recently, however, there had been a surge in demand for “ducks and bunnies” presentations. “Ducks and bunnies” presentations were given to top management, whose short attention span and limited interest in the details of business required high production values and simplified content. Sort of like children’s entertainment.
continued . . .
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