Now Available! Individually Packaged Fables! 
Two of the 5 fables are now available as individual e-books!
Bee School is a business fable that should be on the Required Reading List of every MBA candidate. Loaded with useful insights, it's an entertaining "inside job" by a graduate of a leading eastern (U.S.) business school. Plus, it's beautifully illustrated for our Visual Age.
Ducks and Bunnies is an indispensable fable for anyone who gives business presentations. It's an entertaining and useful exploration of the key elements of successful presentations from storytelling and effective visuals to stagecraft and selling. Written by a consultant with decades of experience in the field, it also features stunning visual illustrations
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Find Bee School in these on-line stores:  iBooks | Kindle | Nook  or go to the 
Find Ducks and Bunnies in these on-line stores:  iBooks | Kindle | Nook  or the