A magical place where art and commerce meet. Where great literature* and an on-line T-Shirt Store** coexist peacefully in cyberspace.
And a place where Aesop's fables collide with business advice books in A.H.A.'s latest work, 5 Fabulous Business Fables.
elcome to the A.Hamilton Augenblecq Literary and Economic Stimulus Website.
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  * Greatness in literature is, of course, a matter of opinion and subject to literary fashion.
** The store also includes other items from the A. Hamilton Augenblecq Collection.
DISCLAIMER: The "Economic Stimulus" part is just a shameless exploitation of a hot-button political issue to generate traffic and sell stuff. This site has absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with any governmental program. In fact, A.H.A. sincerely believes that the best way to stimulate the economy is to buy one of his books and perhaps a T-shirt or other item. Even the longest economic expansion begins with a single purchase.